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I’m so tired of Olicity fans…. and of Laurel’s haters. People, Laurel is not Black Canary right now, as Oliver is not Green Arrow! He is still the Vigilante and The Hood! Screenwriters couldn’t give us the superheroes since the beginning of show! It should be the development of characters. 
Oliver wasn’t the strong and helpful person. We see this in flashbacks on island. He was scared, not sure in himself and He felt guilty because of Sara. Because he survived, when others didn’t. And I think He still has this feeling.
During all season He wanted to be with Laurel because He realised on island that he always loved her, because and thanks to his strong feeling to Laurel. He survived thanks to his purposes: for his mind (Father’s list) and his heart (came back to the one who he loved and show his love). And He can’t be with her until first purpose will be done. He is not a HERO now!  He just does his father’s last wish. His Dad shot himself on Olli’s eyes to save him! Even I would finish my father’s business! The Hood always says ‘you have failed this city!’ As Dad said - ‘I have failed our city’.   
Last episode Oliver and Laurel were together. I’m quite sure it was too quick, but understandable. He found out her mother was part of something terrible, his father’s friend probably was guilty in Robert’s death and wanted to destroy part of the City. Oliver didn’t know where to go (He in circle of lies (his, his mother’s, his father’s).
He knows only one truth in his life - Laurel. Laurel from the very beginning was his guiding star. He went to her place, because she knows him, she is best part of him, because his family is falling apart. Laurel is always be the most important. On island I think Laurel started in his mind to mean ‘his home’.
Olicity is wonderful friend, but I love Laurel and Oliver. I love one-in-life love. Because it doesn’t matter what will happen next ‘that kind of love never dies’ (Klaus Michaelson). Oliver and Laurel belong to each other.  
Yes. It’s my OTP from Arrow.

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    Actually, I agree with the almost all points about Lauliver and Olicity. But about first love - sometimes it works til...
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    I get that she’s important to him and he loves her, but what hasn’t been explained nearly well enough is WHY.
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