And the “***” is back

Thanks to hiatus I calmed down. And I watched the latest episode of The Originals with some kind of feeling of acceptance. I accepted that I will never find answers for a lot of logic questions:
1. What the hell did Elijah find in Hayley?
2. What the hell did Klaus need from Cami and why he looks like he is interested in her?
3. Mega-super-royal mama wolf … who was just an …. orphan. Why she suddenly got everything?

So… I got tired to write about all bad things about every episode. that’s why… some pluses of 1x18

1. Francesca . Beautiful and gorgeous woman, business woman! She just so good in this scene with Elijah. Elijah, you are blind….
2. Josh and Davina. And Klaus’s gift… Daylight ring for Josh! Finally!
3. Genevieve must die. Or She must kill the baby. I’m fine with both of them will be dead.
4. Klaus and his schemes. The true manipulator is coming back?
5. Klaus and his biological father’s pack. Yes! Find all of them!

And that’s all.

About other parts of the episode … I hate it or I don’t care.
One point I am really worried about… Kiran. Please, let him live!

Gifs are not mine!

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If you can’t reblog this…



That’s a fucking low number. That’s fucking sad.

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Hey you.
Yes you behind the keyboard or holding the phone, ipad, ipod etc.
Whatever you’ve done today, good job, and if you’ve done nothing today, I’m still going to say good job because I’m sure you’ve done something good at some point.
Thanks for reading this, you’re swell.
Have a good evening, stranger.

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I’ve just realised. Zelena wants Belle’s death because of True Love Kiss!!! The Dark One curse can be broken with  Rumbelle kiss.


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